#1 simply the best

To create the best, you really do need the best. Before roasting the beans, I hand sort the good from the bad. They’re then roasted on a medium-low heat. This process develops the final flavour and spreads a fantastic aroma throughout the streets, more commonly known to be “the red light district”.

#2 breaking good

Once roasting is finished and the beans are cooled, I crack them and the windmill separates the shell (inedible) from the nibs (delicious). After all, it’s what’s inside that counts.

#5 pac-man

I wrap every single bar by hand, with love and sensitivity and deliver it to my resellers personally. It is now sitting on their shelfs waiting for you. Don’t wait too long though, it might be gone…

#3 flavour developing

The stone grinder crushes the nibs into a fine cocoa liquor. Depending on the flavour of the bars that I’m making, I then add the other ingredients. No emulsifiers, no palm oil and certainly not anything else that you wouldn’t expect to be in there. 

#4 time to shine

It’s now time to temper the pre-aged chocolate. This process gives the chocolate its shine, keeps it crunchy and perfect. That’s it. Chocolate in its simplest form.