What's your name, What's your number

Born and raised in Merano. I moved to Berlin and then to London, to work and celebrate the big city lifestyle. Now I’m back in town, running my own business making craft chocolate, from bean to bar, that makes people happier. The quality of the ingredients is carefully selected. And that’s not just marketing bulls*#t – I really do mean it. So..

Name: RENÉ

It all started in the suburbs of Merano here in Italy. 58, is the number of the house that I grew up in. During my time abroad, I always looked back to the city I was born in, the people I grew up with and my fantastic childhood. 58 is a simple number, but for me it means so much more. It’s happiness, it’s home and now it’s chocolate too. I knew that I would some day head back home: and here I am!